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Today we honor and pay tribute to all servicemen and women who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. We cannot fully ameliorate the sadness and disappointment felt by many returning Vietnam veterans who received neither a “Welcome Home” or an appreciative gesture from the people and home towns they left behind to engage in one America’s longest wars. And today, Americans across our great Country are increasingly coming together to salute an entire generation of Soldiers, Sailors,

Support our Veterans poster with Bald Eagle and Military Badges

Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen who honorably served their Country in Southeast Asia over four decades ago. The reality of Arcadia’s Monument in the Arcadia County Park was made possible through generous contributions from the business, service organization and private sector communities in Arcadia and surrounding cities.

This Monument is an expression of their appreciation and stands as a lasting tribute to not only the Vietnam era generation but all veterans who wore the uniform of the United States military service. Now that the Monument is built, tax deductible contributions are still very much welcome and needed for on-going maintenance costs, contingencies and future projects like night time illumination. Donors that give $75.00 or more will receive a beautiful “We Will Remember Them” 1.75 inch solid brass raised metal Arcadia Vietnam War Monument Challenge Coin along with a letter acknowledging their tax deductible donation. Please“Click” the Donate button or mail a check to the address below. No donation is too small.

Please Make Checks Payable To: Arcadia Vietnam Monument

Mail To:
Arcadia Elks Lodge #2025
27 W. Huntington Drive,
Arcadia, CA 91007

100% of your donations have gone to the construction of the Arcadia Vietnam War Monument.