About Arcadia Vietnam War Monument Memorial

We will never forget

Vietnam happened long before our culture accepted the idea that we can support our service people regardless of whether or not we support the policy decisions that sent them to war. The City of Arcadia as well as cities throughout our great Nation lost many of their sons to the war in Southeast Asia. The Arcadia Vietnam War Monument was constructed in tribute to the fourteen Arcadia servicemen who paid the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. And in so doing, honors all Vietnam Veterans and the many who returned home to an ungrateful and inhospitable Nation.

Construction of the Arcadia Vietnam War Monument at the Arcadia County Park was a collaboration between Founder Gene Glasco and the County of Los Angeles. Before hundreds of people and dignitaries, the colorful dedication of the Arcadia Vietnam War Monument Memorial took place on 28 May 2016.

Situated at the north end of the Arcadia Regional Community Park, continuing improvements and maintenance of the Monument is an ongoing effort. Needed contributions can be made via our secure PayPal link found on the Contribute page of this website. Or, you can mail a check made payable to Arcadia Vietnam Monument addressed to the Arcadia Elks Lodge, 27 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia CA 91007.

Gene Glasco-Founder-Arcadia Vietnam War Monument Memorial

Colorful map of Vietnam